Computer / Electronics Rescue

I hate to see older computers and electronics (early 80's and before) lost when they are no longer needed. I can provide rescue services in the Pacific Northwest area (I live near Seattle, Wa. USA). If you or your company is scrapping out older computers or electronics please contact me to see if this is something that is worth saving.  Please email me with the details. For the right computers, peripherals, electronics, manuals and software I can remove them for you. If you want to sell any of these yourself and need a hand getting started feel free to contact me as well.

My goal here is not to profit from this hardware, my goal is to help keep it out of the scrap heap. I subscribe to several email lists for computer collectors and can forward your information to these lists if the items are not something I can deal with personally. (ClassicComp, ComputerCollector, PDP8 Lovers, etc.)

Computer systems that pre-date the early 80's can be worth significant money. I encourage you to checkout the Vintage Computer Marketplace and EBay, researching closed sales on EBay can give you an idea of what an older system can bring at auction. Note that the peripherals, manuals and software for older systems can have value as well.

Some examples:

Research it before you throw it out, it may well be just what a collector is looking for!

Questions? Comments? Email me!

Classic Computer Collector's Code of Conduct

As a serious collector, I follow the Classic Computer Collector's Code of Conduct (CCCCC). The CCCCC is listed here for your reference:

I will do my best to find a home for any classic or unwanted computer.
I will return or destroy any personal or commercially sensitive data I find on a machine I acquire, and will keep it in the strictest confidence, should I find it necessary to view it.
I will aid users in the decomissioning of their machines, should they require assistance.
I will respect active software and publication copyrights.
I will, whenever possible, repair the computers in my collection and maintain them in working order, and will assist others in doing the same, to the best of my ability. I will actively encourage the repair, maintenance, and use of older computers, in preference to the irreversible alteration of machines and parts for non-computer applications.
I will actively promote the exchange of computers, parts, and information among collectors, and will refrain from hoarding multiple examples of any item.
I will actively promote ethical collecting.

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