TENOR Model 763

The Tenor Model 763 is a simple EPROM programmer for 1702A EPROMs. TENOR built this unit as part of an industrial control system.

This programmer in unusual in that it programs 16-bits at a time however the 1702A is only an 8-bit device. The data from the top row of switches is programmed at the address displayed, the data from the bottom row is then programmed at the current address + 128 decimal. This makes more sense when you look at the programming sheet for the industrial controller as it uses 16-bit control words.

To make things even more confusing the unit originally had the LS bit to the left with the MS bit to the right. I modified the unit to swap the bits to a more normal orientation (LS bit to the right, MS bit to the left). I've relabeled the switches on the unit for either HEX or OCTAL input.

To program a 1702A the following sequence is used:

I successfully programmed the KEX monitor EPROM for my MMD-1 using this programmer.

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