The Red Cabinet

This was my 2nd cabinet built for my own use. I picked up the cabinet in fair shape, it had Zaxxon installed in it, the coin door had been removed, I believe it was originally a generic cabinet.

Both sides and the front, top and back were sanded down, filled and repainted black. The black paint was touched up as well. The t-molding was replaced. The control panel is steel and had rusted, the insert that held the original controls is removable and was removed. It was stripped, cleaned and repainted. The marquee and side-art where bought on EBAY. The art on the side of me monitor were made from images of some of my favorite marquees.

A control panel was custom built from 1/8 Plexiglas, it has two joysticks with center fire, 4 buttons per player. A I-pac was used to interface the controls.

Click a picture for a hi-res version

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