The Blue Cabinet

This was my 3rd cabinet built for my own use. I picked up the cabinet in fair shape, it had been stripped when I received it. It had been a Bosconian cabinet in a previous life. The electronics, bezel, coin door, marquee, power supply, wiring and control panel had been removed before I picked it up. The side art was shot as well. The Bosconian artwork below the coin door was in good shape and survived my conversion to a MAME cabinet.

Both sides were sanded down, filled and repainted white. The black paint was touched up as well. The t-molding was replaced and a new coin door was installed (I got a good deal on a new door on EBay). The marquee and side-art where bought on EBAY as well.

A control panel was custom built from 1/4 and 1/8 Plexiglas, it has two joysticks with center fire, 6 buttons per player and a spinner control as well. The spinner is from an Arkanoid conversion kit I picked up on EBay. A I-pac and Opti-pac were used to interface the controls.

Click a picture for a hi-res version

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