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    I came across some interesting links the other day


        - (David Larsen of BugBook fame - lists all the BugBooks)

        - - The Story of the BugBooks and the Mark 8

    Added the Simpson 7026 Operators Manual and Warranty Card to lab gear
Music - has been setup to host some of my music
I've posted several scans of Textbooks

I've posted scans of old Databooks - DTL/RTL/TTL logic families included
I've posted scans of some manuals for lab gear including some Tektronix scopes

The tube book collection is growing - see TubeBooks for more info
The Datasheets archive grows and grows

*          Iím considering forming an Electronics Club in the Seattle, Wa. USA area Ė Interested? Email me!

 Neilís Acquisitions (All of this still needs to be documented)

*        Two Tektronix scopes - I bought copies of the users manuals and am sharing them at lab gear
A Simpson 7026 Freq. Counter - I really like this little counter
Yet more period books
More NIXIE instruments

Someday I need to get this all organized and posted to the site.

 Neil's Stuff

*          Computer / Electronics Rescue

*    Don't scrap that old computer, don't throw away that old voltmeter. It might be worthy of rescue and might even be worth money. Click here to find out more.

*          Books

*    The BUGBOOK series

*    Other period books

*    CDC6600 - An interesting read on the design and creation of the CDC6600 - J.E.Thornton - 1970 - Forward by Seymour Cray

*    The Home Reckoner - A scenario on the home use of computers, CLAUDE A. R. KAGAN and LAWRENCE G. SCHEAR
From the National Computer Conference in 1973 - Very interesting and fun read!


*          Older Electronics and such - this is the stuff that makes the Electrons Dance

If you see something here you're looking for but don't see the info you want please email me and ask, I have a lot of material that hasn't been scanned yet, if I have it I'll get it posted ASAP.

*    HP 5011T Troubleshooting Kit (10526T, 10525T, 10528A, 10529A)

*   Download Manuals

*    HP AC-4A thru HP-4L Decade Counter Modules

*   Download Manuals

*    HP 5512A Decade Counter

*   Download Manuals

*    Keithley 8300A DVM

*    E&L Instruments (MMD-1, EID-1, AID-1, MMD/PP, MMD-1/MI, MMD-2, OA-1, OA-2, DD-1, CD-1, Elite 2, Bugworks, Price List)

*   Download Manuals

*    TENOR EPROM Programmer for 1702As

*    Olivetti Portable XT Clone (Corona Data Systems)

*    Radio Shack Model III and Model IV

*   VS100 (Voice Synthesizer)

*   BIG-5 Joystick Interface (my version of their interface)

*   SVD - The SemiVirtual Disk

*   Holmes Engineering VID-80

*    Commodore VIC-20 and VIC-64

*    Paratronics Model 100A Logic Analyzer

*   Download the Users Manual (44,046,353

*    JDR 2000 Oscilloscope

*   Download the Users Manual (13,607,837

*    EICO 460 - Tube based Oscilloscope

*   Download Manual

*    EICO 994 - VTVM

*   Download Manual



*          Timekeeping

*    NIXIE Clock Kit from Frank Techniek

*   This is an awesome clock kit. The engineering is top notch, it uses surface mount components and is clean and compact when assembled.

*    NIXIE Clock Development Kit from TubeHobby

*    LED Digital Clock (from the mid 70's, GPS satellite synced)

*    LED Clock - uses a 1980 Computer LED display and a PIC16F877

*    ZM1010 NIXIE Clock - Under Construction

*    NIXIE Wrist Watch from Cathode Corner (The Woz has two of these!)

*    Scope Clock Kit from Frank Techniek

*    Elgin Pocket Watche


*          Fun and Useful Stuff

*    VoIP in 1978?!? (ZIP File 56,521,536 VoIP_1978.ZIP - UnZIPs to 58,296,272 Internet.Phones.1978.mpg)

*   Cool video from 1978. Blinkenlights on a PDP11, cool 1978 fashions, haircuts I wish I still had the hair for and a soundtrack that makes me want to boogie till the bits come home.

*    Pictures from the Vintage Computer Festival 2003 - VCF Home Page

*    DataSheets - A growing collection of data sheets you might find useful, many of these are long out of print!


*          MAME Related Stuff

*    MAMERunner

*   The first VB.Net based MAME Frontend for Windows, I wrote this to learn VS.Net and WINForms.

*    The Grey Cabinet

*   This was my first cabinet, it was designed and built from scratch in 2001. It's currently in my shop as it has been gutted for yet another conversion.

*    The Red Cabinet

*   This is a conversion cabinet, it had Zaxxon installed at the time I bought it. This cabinet lived in my office at Microsoft until the computer failed. It's in my shop at the moment awaiting repair.

*    The Blue Cabinet

*   Another conversion cabinet, again a rescued cabinet which had been gutted. This cabinet lives in my home office.

*    Alan's Black Cabinet

*   I helped Alan with the work on this conversion cabinet. It lives in Alan's office at Microsoft.

*    Alan's Blue Cabinet

*   Another cabinet I helped Alan with, this one lives in Alan's entertainment room.


*          Development Tools

*    PIC Stuff

*   WIZ-C from Forest Development

*   PIC Programmer from Forest Development

*    Windows Development

*   Microsoft Visual Studio.NET


Questions? Comments? Email me!

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